Problems with the UDDI and Radiant interface

SOS: To all web services gurus: Any advice, comment, suggested resource will be very much appreciated.

I am a newbie to the web services field trying to create, deploy, register, publish, annotate services with semantics “using OWL”, and discover them.
These are the applications and plugins I am using:
Eclipse 3.2
Java 1.5
Tomcat v5
MySQL 5.0

I have checked the jUDDI forum and eclipse help option but could not find a problem similar to mine. Also tried to log to the Radiant forum but was not able to do so, the page appears to be inactive.

So far, I was able to do the following:
1.Create and deploy the webservice “Say Hello”.
2.Create the jUDDI database
3.Validate the jUDDI installation.
4.Register and publish the deployed web service “manually” through the jUDDI console and the UDDI server “ub-0.2-bin”
–>I wanted to do the fourth step through eclipse but failed due to the following reason:
The Web services explorer does not seem to work fine neither in Eclipse 3.4 nor in Eclipse 3.2. When I click on the UDDI link, for instance, I do not get the UDDI form
in which I have to enter the jUDDI information. I get run time errors such as “navigator content is null or not an object” and “perspectiveContent is undefined”

In order to save time, I decided to move on to annotation and discovery, since I thought that everything is Ok as I was able
to register and publish the Hello service, even though it was not through eclipse. However, although the installation of Radiant and Lumina went Ok, I was not
able to use them as illustrated in the Demos provided by the University of Georgia. Those are some of the problems I had:

  1. When I try to annotate an element within the WSDL file, I cannot as there is no “ModelReference” option when I do right click on the element I wish to annotate the WSDL element with.

P.S: I used the following resources: