Problems with the change in Flat file Dictionary


My definition for one of the element in the flatfile Dictionary got changed in its length. But my services are well developed and tested against the Document references generated based on the schema which was created from this Dictionary. Now when I made changes to the field alone in the Dictionary, my service is not working as expected with the new changes.

Does the restart of the IS would fix this issue or removing the Document type with out updating the usages and then recreating the Document type on the new Schema would fix this issue. But changing the service implementation from scratch would be much painful at this time. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I am using webMethods 6.1.

  • Dinakar.

What kind of a change was made to the field in the dictionary? I assume you are refencing this field in the FFSchema, and you have a DocType created from the FFSchema which you are referencing in your service? The issue may be with the new dictionary itself, rather than the Doctype.

Hi Sekay,

The change in the Dictionary for one of the field was in its size. Your assumption is correct. But I verified the Dictionary also after modifying the field definition. Genrally do we need to do anything with the DocType references used for the Document created before in our services or no need to change anything. I faced this problem some time before also but when I have implemented the service again using the new DocType that worked fine. But wanted to know any alternate instead of major changes in the service.

  • Dinakar.

when u change the field definition in the dictionary , the schema will have a reference to the field so it gets changed in the length ,but not the doctype so u have to delete the document type and create it again from the schema . all other mappings will remain same if the document type name is same as before .