Problems with Receiver recognition in TN for EDIINT messages

I’m facing one interesting problem as below:
The set up:
Profile 1 with User Defined 1 = “abcd”
Profile 2 with User Defined 2 = “abcd”

And I post an EDIINT message with
Receiver ID=“abcd” and
Receiver ID Type=“User defined2”.

Surprisingly, when i see the transaction analysis page, I see the Receiver as “Profile 1”.
But the delivery URL and the preferred deliver protocol etc parameters are all taken from “Profile 2”!

TN seems to be recognizing Receiver from just the ID Value but not the combination of ID and ID Type.
Am i missing any configuration here? or is this the way TN works?

Can any one explain this behaviour?

Appreciate any information on this.

Thanks in advance,
Anil K S