Problems with NCD workfiles in v6.1.1

I have a system with Natural v.5.1.1 (Windows) and I am testing the new Natural v.6.1.1. (Windows)

There are process that create NCD files to use with Natural Reporter, these NCD files are written with the instruction
WRITE WORK FILE # VARIABLE …, the word “VARIABLE” is needed.

In Natural V.6.1.1 the same instruction generate the NCD and NCF files but the NCF files do not have the description of format and names of the fields, so when the Reporter try to use them, the report is empty. This problem didn’t appear when we migrate v2.1.1 to v5.1.1.

I hope someone can help me


Hi Juan,
You are correct that the NCF file does not contain the format information when VARIABLE is used for workfile. (its ok without VARIABLE). However it was wrong at Natural 5. The NCF file only contained the format information from the first WRITE WORK FILE statement, whereas every work file statment potentially could be different.
DEFINE WORK FILE 1 ‘c:\temp\work.ncd’
#A(A50) := ‘test’
#N(N5) := 12345
At Natural 6.1 the NCF file contains no format information.
At Natural 5.1 the NCF file contained the format information for the first WRITE WORK FILE that was executed, sometimes #A and somtimes #N. (This would have messed up the Reporter as well).

So if you are using the Reporter then it is better not to use the VARIABLE option.
Trust this helps,

I have the same problem, the solution:

change my program, and not use Write work Variable, and take a look to the parm: NDFVERS, this have a value 2, that is the new format for entire connection, the value 0 is the old format, that is compatible with natvers < 6.1.1.

but i’m still have a problem with the reporter, when i use the code to call a preview a reporter, i have this error: 6952. thanks if you have a solution for this.

It could be that the Reporter is not correctly registered on your machine. To re-register it, please try this process:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ button on the Windows task bar
  • Select the menu item ‘Run…’
  • In the edit field write:
    “C:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural\x.x.x\Bin\Reporter.exe” /REGSERVER
    Note: Please enter the path where Natural was installed.
  • Click the ‘OK’ button