Problems with Namespaces using TSaxObjectModel

I’ve got an simple Document like

<jl:ausgabe xmlns:jl=“”>

and inserted this Document in an Tamino Database.
After an query the Result was the following document:


The tagnames are mentioned in full qualified manner. But the namespace declaration is ommitted. Could anybody tell me how to fix this? :frowning:

Thx and Bye
Dirk Kaspar

Hi Dirk,

I tried this with Tamino v414 and I do not have this problem. The retrieved instance (using TII or internet explorer) always returns the document with the namespace declaration. In the a java program that uses TSAXObjectModel, I have a handler that implements/overrides the startPrefixMapping() method. This is invoked when retrieving the jl:ausgabe document and correctly has the namespace declaration for the jl: prefix.

Could you provide more information on exactly where the problem occurs in your environment? E.g, which version of Tamino / API being used; how are you retrieving the document etc.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

By any chance, were you using the Mozilla browser to display the results? Mozilla doesn’t show namespace declarations when displaying unstyled XML, but if you “view source” you’ll see that they’re there.