Namespace declarations after attributes

i’ve stored Word2003 (XML) documents in Tamino 4.4.1.
The problem is, that a result of a query changes the sequence of the namespace declarations like

The used JDOM Parser doesn’t except this! Is it possible to tell the xquery processer where to put the declaration?


the XML specification declares the sequence of attributes belonging to the same
element as non-significant. This also holds for attributes representing namespace nodes. This means to say that it is still the same element though the attribute
sequence is different.

JDOM should not have a problem here, but since it does, as you say, perhaps it
would help to enclose the element into another element also declaring the word
namespace and thus make JDOM familiar with this before it encounters the
prefixed attribute:

<w:out xmlns:w=“”> {
<w:wordDocument w:embeddedObjPresents=“no” …
} </w:out>