xs:any and tamino's insertion of namespaces

Hello everyone,

I have a compex element in a doc instance that contains xs:any(*). The complex element also has mixed:true.

All works well, I can insert HTML or XHTML into this node. However, when I query the node
as such

for $des in $input/generic-show/identity/description
where $des/@active=1 and $des/version[@locale=$input-locale]/@active=1

every any node will have tamino’s namespace in it. Is there a way to disable the namespace insertion into my any nodes?

sample output:

Ufnuc Show has been hailed as a true landmark in the theatre world.

Acclaimed by virtually everyone, this show has appeared in numerous theatres around the world, and had sold out shows on broadway, night after night.

The success of Ufnuc Show is simply unparalleled!

Thank you!

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are you sure that Tamino has inserted
those useless tsd namespace prefix definitions
and that they were not in the doucment you
If yes please make contact the support.

Best regards

PS. I have seen XMLSpy putting in such useless
tsd namespace definitions into Tamino instances.

Hello Walter,

thank you for your reply.

Yu were, in fact right. I had XML Spy generate a sample for me and I haven’t noticed it inserted the tsd namespace. The thing was that it inserted it on the root of the doc’s instance, and I haven’t noticed it. I was always looking at the node and of course, there I haven’t noticed the namespace.

I assume that any tag that is of the xs:any type, will then from tamino get the namespace declared on the root of the doc instance.

In any case, removing the namespace from the root element has solved my problem. Thank you very much!

I’m a Zen Garden Maintenance Engineer