Problems with login for dsp pages

Hi Guys,

webMethods 10.3, I’m having troubles with authentication for custom DSP pages that I have created that calls WMRoot service.
I’ve created a page that enables/disables ports.
I have set up an internal user and included them in the custom group set up for access.

My problem is that when I log in as that internal user, I have to log in twice to get to the dsp page, and every time I execute an action (disable or enable ports) I have to log in again. For the users that will use this page, this could be very annoying.

I’m trying to find out what I’ve missed as I’ve never done dsp pages for external users before.

I’ve written wrappers for the WMRoot services, and I’ve set up a .access file in the pub directory of the package containing…

  • groupName

Under the package, I have set permissions, Under "List ACL
" I’ve changed to the group the user belongs to, but I get an error.
“Could not save ACL for ” with details:
“[ISS.0085.9155] Cannot set List ACL on package . You do not have permission to access ACL.”

I’ve also tried changing the permissions for each service under the package. I can change “Execute ACL” to the group in question, but I get the same error as above when I tray to change Write ACL, Read ACL and List ACL.

My username has admin privileges, and is linked to Active Directory, but this particular user I’m setting up isn’t.

I’m a little perplexed with this problem. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction on what to look for,

Thank you,


Hi there,
you only need to use the execute ACL. read and write have no relevance.
Can you check two things;

  1. Is your service stateless ? make sure that the stateless property is NO.
  2. Are you in a clustered environment i.e. do you have multiple nodes behind a proxy.

Can you also provide a snippet of your server log based on the time period where you are carrying out these actions.

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Hi John,

That was it! I just had to make stateless=false for the wrapper services and it worked!.

I’m currently in the Dev environment which isn’t clustered, but will be going into higher environments which are clustered. When that happens, hopefully everything still works as expected. If not, will deal with it then, but I’m expecting the users to have to access the servers on each node rather than the pages servicing all nodes.

Thank you again for your help!


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