Problems using Tamino EJB API with Websphere AS

I have installed Tamino 3.1.1 and Websphere Application Server 4.0 on our development server and I’m trying to run the first EJB example from the Tamino Documentation.

I have created a .ear file using the TaminoEjbExampleTelephone.jar file as EJB module, but I cannot generate the deploy code using the Application Assembly Tool. I receive the error: ejb.session.stateful.EJSRemoteStatefulTelephoneRemote is not a valid remote implementation: has no remote interfaces.

Does the example jar file contain errors or am I deploying the sample incorrectly? Has anyone been able to get this sample working under Websphere Application Server 4.0?

I have just run the Telephone example successfully, using IBM WebSphere Application Server V4.0 (Advanced Developer Edition for Windows NT).

To fix your problem I think what you need to do is unzip Telephone.jar from the supplied TaminoEjbExampleTelephone.jar. Then you add the Telephone.jar to your application as an EJB module with the Application Assembly Tool Application Wizard, generate and everything works fine.

I tried to generate directly using TaminoEjbExampleTelephone.jar, and I get slightly different errors to you:

ejbModule/ejb/session/stateful/ ejb.session.stateful.TelephoneHome cannot be resolved or is not a valid superinterface
ejbModule/ejb/session/stateful/ TelephoneRemote cannot be resolved or is not a valid superinterface

Hope this helps…