Problems loading Idocs with 4.7

I have recently upgraded our webMethods installation from 3.52 (I know - OLD) to 4.7. Everything seems to work fin in terms of the services starting and connections to SAP and the database. However, when I try loading an IDOC that worked fine in 3.52 in the 4.7 installation I get the following in the step:

com.wm.util.coder.InvalidDatatypeException: com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: Invalid IDocXML document: Only segments are allowed on top level, found non-segment E1EDK01

I was told by SAP that 4.7 is a little more strict with the IDOC definition, but I have the @segment tags populated with the TABNAM field populated correctly as well.

Has anyone had experience with this or give me some insight with what I could do to resolve this? I would GREATLY appreciate any help with this as I need to get this going as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.

I have been trying to get our 4.7 installation going after having all kinds of issues getting 3.5 to run as a service on Windows Server 2003.

I believe I am just about able to succesfully load the Idocs as I did in 3.5. However, when it gets to the inboundProcess step, I get an error saying “The IDOC Metadata for ORDERS05 is not available.” I seem to be stuck at this point.

If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to get around this or fix this issue, I would really appreciate it. I am trying to load these IDOCS via ALE and I am getting this error just after the OutBoundProcess ( step.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Damon Hicks