Problems installing new document types (UNEDIFACT 01B)

I am traying to install UNEDIFACT document types un my TN server (4.6).
the document types are all UNEDIFACT version 01B (APERAK, CONTROL, etc).

I am using the service “InstallTemplate” from WmEdiforTN package. And I already have the 01b.template stored in the directory “/webmethods/IS46/packages/WmEDIforTN/pub/UNEDIFACT”

I run the service introducing the input variables, for example:


The service returned succesfully but I don´t see the new docunment types in the Tn console.

thanks for your time!!

You will have to again reload the package WmEDIforTN.
Then on the server administration,GO to solution ->EDI->Doc Exchange and
Install TN Document Types