Problem wmDeployer

Good morning
I have a problem with the wm Deployer.
I have created a project in wmDeployer. But when adding a Target Server in the DeploymentMap, the server selection is empty. I have registered remote services in IN & TN.
Can you tell me what may be happening?

Click the Test icon against the “Desarrollo” server (alternatively, you can verify if the target server contains the WmDeployerResource package). If Deployer reports that plug-in has not been installed, select the server and click the Install button. This would install the WmDeployerResource package on the target Integration Server and the server would show up in the drop-down.

I have verified that I have installed the Wm Deployer Resource and
the server does not appear in the drop down menu.

Problem solved.
It seems that if it does not find any package in the repository it does not show you the servers to add them.


When deploying remotely, you will have to add the target server as a RemoteServer additionally in the IS which hosts the Deployer itself.
Otherwise Deployer is not aware of the target server.

See Deployer Users Guide for further informations.



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