problem with webmethods installer

I am trying to download webmethods trial version. I received a mail from Software AG with installation links.
After download of
o Windows installer (SoftwareAGInstaller201311.exe)
seems that SoftwareAGInstaller201311 is without extension .exe. My question is how to start installer without .exe extension?

If I download
o Windows archive (64bit) (webMFREEDownload95(Win64bit).zip)
I have set of jar file but I don’t know still how to start installer without this version. Can you please provide me with information how to start installer with java –jar ???

My developer environment is Windows7.

Download the installer (.exe file) and image (it will be zip file). License key url you will receive in a email.

Make sure you have windows OS 64 bit.

For the installation steps refer the below link:

Let me know if you face issues.

For the missing .exe-extension:

Most likely this is a setting in your Windows explorer, which needs to be changed.
You should be able to run the program anyway.

On the other hand if you have Java installed on your pc you can try the JAR-Installer instead.
Usually you can double-click on the jar and it will start the Installer as expected.

In the Installer under Advanced Options you can specify the downloaded image to be used.