Problem with Universal Messaging

Sometime I have trigger or queue not trigerred on events.
To solve the issue, I need to delete and create my Topic or my Queue and that’s work. I suspect the case is product when I deploy a service which is running.

It is not my question.
I delete a Queue and recreate it. But Now I have problem with JMSConnections et TriggerManagement.
I can not click on the yes link enabled status foreach connectionJMS I have (so I can not delete it) and I can not go to JMS Trigger management link.

I try to restart my UM but it worth because now, lot of JMSConnection are in InProgress enabled status. Beside the other are in yes enabled status but in red, under the JSMConnection I have javax.jms.JMSException: Disconnected from : umserver even if my UM is started.

I prefer to not restart my IS or my server.
Have u any tricks I can see ?

Hi Vital,

try to check the JNDI & JMS Settings as well as the JMSTriggerManagement in IS Admin UI.

Remember to check if reloading the packages might be possible, which hold the JMS Trigger nodes.


Hi Holger,
I already tried

Contact SAG support as these workarounds are a temporary solution and you will end up with issues at a later point of time.