Problem with the character b%b2b


We created an adapter and at the moment we have a problem in production with the square character…

I am using an XML to send it over http and in this XML the name ‘I and M²’ occurs. But the parser on the backend does not cope with well with this kind of character.

When I use the unicode character the parsing should work fine. How do I perform the parsing so that the backend system understands the character?

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As a final option before you are pushing the data to backend then after parsing then do replace it with (M2 or MM) and process it,unless if target side folks accepts this change.


Wout, this seems to be dependent on the capabilities of your target (back end) system. Does it properly recognize the character encoding (UTF-8?)? You also may want to try escaping the symbol with a character entity reference like &#xxx;, where xxx is the decimal number of the character you need.