XML Adapter 4.2 Vs \">\"

An integration runs in production with XML adapter 4.2 SP4. The escape character “>” is not escaped when the XML is generated by the XML adapter. But “<” is escapted properly as “lt”. So the document fails in the target side after posting. I found in the SP4 readme that this issue been addressed as below and SP4 is the latest service pack for XML adapter.

Added the ability for the Generate XML operation to handle
predefined entities. The Generate XML operation can now properly
generate XML encodings that contain special characters such as
“&”,; “>”, and “<”.

Any one has clue over this?.

The issue addressed in SP4 seems to be resolving the problem that you are facing in production. Did you validate SP4 in a different environment other than production before applying XML Adapter 4.2 SP4 in production? If yes and you did not face the same problem in the testing environment then most likely you may need to the reinstall the adapter and SP4 as it may not have installed properly.

It works for the character “<” in production. And it also failed in QA environment.

I would verify the configuration of the two environments as it appears to be an issue of misconfiguration (works on A, not on B).

How about CDATA encoding?

Brian, it not working on both environments. Can you explain how to use CDATA?. I don’t get into it.

Its basically just a tag that you wrap around a string indicating that the contents should be read as plain text. It helps when you are transferring documents with special characters that make webMethods blow up (like the ampersand).

Here is a link to a tutorial…


If the problem still persists then my two cents would be to come up with a workaround. Just publish the xml as it is from the Enterprise adapter to the broker and have an IS trigger service to subscribe to this document and then you can use the built-in IS services to perform all your manipulations. You might have already thought about this and not sure if this is an option.