WebMethods - XML parse/generate - special characters


I apologize in advance, I am an AS400 developer because I do not know the exact WebMethods phrases.

One of our suppliers operates with WebMethods so we communicate by XML sequences between WebMethods and AS400.

We know the 5 special characters from XML point of view like the follows:
": "
&: &

: >
<: <
': ’

We have problem with &apos in XML sequence. Webmethods generates and sends &#39 instead of &apos. We are very sorry but we can parse only &apos on our site. As we experienced WebMethods can understand both entities.

My question is whether is it able to configure Webmethods somehow to send &apos instead of #39 or describe XML schemas used by Webmethods regarding to this feature?

Your help would be very appreciated. Thanx a lot!

Whether is it possible to solve this issue by XSD somehow?

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