Problem with Microsoft Virtual Server and starting IS as a s

I am running Microsoft Virtual Server, Windows 2003 Server and am trying to install webMethods 4.6 SP2. The install was fine except that when I run installsvc.bat, I get an error “Could not open registry key <2>”.

Anyone else ever have this ?

Note that the server runs fine when running the server.bat file the desktop.

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This error can occur when old registry keys exist. Open up regedit.exe and make sure that under the keys:


there are no entries remaining relating to webMethods. If there are any entries try deleting them and re-running the installsvc.bat file.


OK, we can get installsvc.bat to run but now we are getting a ‘Error 1067’. We removed and installed the service a couple of times but not go.

Note that the integration server does start if I use the server.bat file manually.

Do I need to use a log on or enter any parms into the service properties ?

Have you checked the NT Event Viewer to see if it provides any additional information on the reason the startup is failing?

The installsvc.bat should add parameters from your server.bat into the registry, generally no manual edits are required. Do you happen to have a large number of IS fixes applied, or a long directory path to the base IS install? There have been some issues in the past with long path sizes and NT services.


The event viewer indicates that “The webMethods Integration Service was successfully sent a start control” and teh next event was “The webMethods Integration Service entered the running state”, followed by “The webMethods Integration Service terminated unexpectedly”

I have several jar files in the support directory, and am running sp2

Just to update this.

It appears that when I reboot the Virtual server (not the physical server), webMethods really is starting up. What is strange is that if I look at the service via the Windows Administrative Tools screen, the screen indicates that webMethods is stopped.

The Integration server remains up until I log off, then it closes down. If I go to Administrative Tools, and hit ‘start’ on webMethods, I get an error but it does start up fine.

Any ideas are appreciated,