Problem w/getClientInfo

I am using to determine the number of documents on a specific client queue. Prior to invoking getClientInfo the serverName, brokerName, and clientId fields are populated in the pipeline with the correct values. Periodically, the first run of this service will return an error field set to “unknownClientId”. If I go back and rerun the flow service the client queue is successfully accessed and the number of documents is returned.

wM 6.5 SP2
Windows Server 2003

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks, Harry

The service you’re using is intended for use within the Broker Admin pages. When navigating the UI, connections to the Broker are established and maintained in a connection pool as you click through to view Broker details. For example, you see “In Progress” under the Connected column for a time and then when you click again, it is connected. After a period of time, these admin connections are closed.

When you call getClientInfo the first time, if no connections exist in the admin pool, a connection is created via a separate thread–but you get an error back. Then when you call again, it works because now the connection exists.

An approach I’ve used is to call It accepts the usual inputs (serverName, brokerName, etc.). It will return “in_progress” in the output var brokerConnectionStatus when first called after an IS start or after the connection(s) have timed out. Subsequent calls return “made”. This approach checks the connection and if it doesn’t exist, one gets created.

Makes sense to me. I’ll make the necessary adjustments to check for a connection first.

Thanks for the great info.

Hi, I’m trying to implement similar logic to get Queue for a client. I’m using the BrokerClient.reconnect method in a Java service where i pass the hostname, BrokerName and Client ID but it always returns an error saying unknown clientID. I created a new client and then tried but didnt help. Could you please direct me as to how o connect to a client.

Hi All,

I would like to monitor the client queue in wM 7.1.2 environment for a native trigger and jms trigger. All I can do is login into MWS and check the client queue. Rather than that is there any built in service/admin service which I can use to check what is the client queue size at that moment.

This can be acheived with Optimize for Infrastrucutre but for some reason this is not working… Need to investigate that as well.

But right now looking for developing some flow service or java service on IS. Please do help.

Thanks in advance.