Problem using Natural - Debugger


I have a problem when debugging a natural program calling many subroutines and subprograms - the debugger suddenly stops debugging and ignoring any step commands to continue. I still can inspect the value of variables but cannot continue debugging. There is no message. The debugger always stops at the same program.

I wrote a small program to call my problem subroutine and hey I can debug it without any problem.

Is there a limit of how many subprograms and subroutines you can debug?

Do I have to many debug windows open?

I am working on a windows platform using Natural 3.2.

Need some advise - can someone help?

Thank you

NATURAL for Windows Version 3.2 ?

There was no version 3.2 on any platform, as far as I remember.

Please confirm platform + version.

Natural Lightstorm 3.2.1 December 1996.
Maybe your memory doesn’t go back that far. :slight_smile:

Oh, NLS, not NAT, that explains it :wink:

My memory goes back as far as 1988 and NATURAL 1.2 to 2.1 (mainframe) conversions :wink:

Hi guys

Bingo guys - sorry I gave you the wrong Natural version. I just started working on this Natural project I am using Natural Studio 4.1.2

Maybe my debug problem is caused because the debug buffer is full - how can I query / set the debug buffer ?

Need some help here.

Thank you.

Unfortunately there’s no parameter for sizing of, no command to view the “debug buffer”.

All I found is a hint to install NAT412 PL 23 for a somewhat similar problem with “large objects”.

And probably make sure your bufferpool is large enough.

On the mainframe I have had occasions where I need to increase CICS thread size when I am stepping thru debugger and the number of modules deep I need to go is excession. Extra parms are added to the transaction in CICS used to log onto our natural environment. Maybe there is something similar that can be done in your environment :?:

Can we change the debug buffer size by using PROFILE command while running debugger?

Not sure but their I’m getting some options in which last one is showing the Debug buffer size:

Reset debug environment automatically on exit …
File for loading/saving debug environments …
Confirm EXIT/CANCEL before execution …
Stack unknown commands …
Output device …
Maximum debug buffer size in KB …____0,(4-16384 or 0)

This may not be what you want to hear but limit the scope of your debugging.
Choose a portion, either at the beginning or the end, and debug that.
If the problem is still unresolved, bite off another chunk and debug it.
I think that you get the idea!