Debugger On NATURAL prograaming

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Is there any tool available to Debug natural code , like, inter test or expediter for COBOL.


Invoke the Debugger with the command TEST DEBUG.

A graphical version is available in Natural for Windows (Debug toolbar) and NaturalONE (toolbar or Run menu).

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will there be any manual available which will walk through each commands or screen, how we can do line by line execution,by watching the variables.

The Debugger has its own section in the manuals:

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I am getting the below error in a sub-program,while setting a break poit on a particular line number, can somebody help me out on this./

Line 0170 in object DEBUG1N compiled with NOC option NODBG=ON.

The Debugger requires certain information to be generated by the compiler. The error message is telling you that the subprogram doesn’t contain that information, so the module can’t be debugged. The Natural Optimizer Compiler (NOC) NODBG parameter was set ON during compilation.

To see the NOC settings in your Natural session, enter the command NOCOPT. For an explanation of the parameters, see

You need to CATalog the subprogram with NODBG=OFF.