Problem updating Object after upgrading from 3.x to 4.1


I am having a problem. We have developed an application for inserting data into Tamino using the Java API. This was originally developed for Tamino 3. I am now migrating our application to allow support for Tamino 4, but am running into a very specific problem. Below is the scenario causing this problem.

We have a database created using Tamino 3.1. We have inserted data using the normal TXMLObjectAccessor.insert() method.

Tamino 4 has then been installed. Then, we use the Tamino Manager to do Set Version on the database to set the version to Tamino 4. We then used the inomigutils tool to update the indexes. We do not migrate the content or schemas to

We can now insert new data, and update the new data, but whenever we try and update the existing (migrated) data, we get the following error (INOXYE9202, Unique constraint violated). The documentation reports that this error is caused by a duplicate ino:docname. However, when I search for items with an ino:docname (using /[@ino:docname=“my document name”]), this does not return a result. Indeed, I have even tested querying using /[@ino:docname], both in code using TXMLObjectAccessor.query() and using they X-Query tool, and no items are returned (which is correct).

Has anyone else had a problem like this?