inconsistents data


I’ve three Server’s and at every server I’ve installed Tamino
At two Servers I installed exactly the same two databases and at the third server I changed the xml-properties “markup as delimiter”, “stemming index” and “word fragment index” from yes to no.

The two databases:
1. 4460000 records; 1,4GB index space; 1,7GB data space
2. 1230000 records; 300MB index space; 310MB data space

At two of the three servers I installed the update

I’ve written a java-programm which reads the two content-files of my databases and insert the records into tamino (at every three server the same).

At the two server I have inconsistents data on both databases!
On both server I have the same last ino:id, but if I execute a count-query I get different results and no result is correct!

At the third server the last ino:id is equals to the result of my count-query.

So there can’t be an error in my programm because one of the three server is correct (both databases). But at the other two server there are not all records stored and the records are not in the same order.

Is there a known problem with the update to tamino

Best regards