Tamino performance

Use Tamino v 4.4.1 on Windows 2003 Standart Edition
Server: Celeron 1000 RAM: 512 Mb
After addition of 2 thousand records very slowly occurs update for examlpe:

update for $AccountUser in input()/so/ACCOUNTUSER where $AccountUser/ACCOUNT_ID=33 and $AccountUser/CLIENT_ID=1 do ( insert <ROLE_ID>1</ROLE_ID><ACCOUNT_ID>33</ACCOUNT_ID><CLIENT_ID>1</CLIENT_ID>following $AccountUser/xml )

time of update 10-15 seconds
As I can raise speed of performance of inquiries?
soShema.tsd (27.1 KB)


Most probably there is no index defined that can be used for evaluating the query. Another reason for the bad performance might be that the update statement affects a big number of documents in the Tamino database.

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