Problem Testing X12 Processing Rule from TNConsole

Hi all,

I have been attempting to test an X12 3040 850 processing rule from the Trading Networks 4.6 console using the “test” option on the processing rules screen. For whatever reason the X12 document I am submitting is not being recognized no matter the settings in the rule. If I pass the same document in through the WmEDIforTN home page (submit a sample), the document is recognized just fine. Can anyone explain why this is occuring and what if anything I can do to correct the problem?

This is just a guess but my suspicion is that using the test option in the console doesn’t work because the content-type is not set correctly, and I don’t think it can be. Of course if I’m off-base on this someone please correct me.


Did you add the ‘cryptix32.jar’, ‘cryptix32-pgp.jar’, and ‘editn.jar’ files to the classpath on your machine? I had trouble doing a few things with EDI files in TN before I re-read the installation manual and saw that I missed this step.

One hint, the installation document tells you to add the filenames to the “SET ADDCLASSES=” line, but I could not get this to work, so I just added them to the “SET CLASSPATH=” line directly.


That ‘test’ option from the console will only work with xml document types.