problem sending the outbound xml doc through trading netwok

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to deliver the document to one of our partners using trading network through http but the transaction Analysis screen gives the following error:

Task 52goto0v196envf5000000sb failed with no more retries available. Reason for failure - Delivery service for 52goto0v196envf5000000sb failed with a status of fail and status message of Connection refused: connect.

Our client has provided the URL for sending the document that seems like:

Client says that there system is not behind the firewall and anyone can send the msg to their system, means it is open for anyone.

Please help me asap in this issue.:confused:


Network Connection Troubleshooting 101

  1. Reconfirm that the URL you have is correct. Be sure to ask if a port number is required. Not providing a port defaults to port 80 for HTTP.
  2. Go to the server upon which Trading Networks is installed
  3. Open a command window
  4. Attempt to ping the partner’s hostname
  5. Launch your browser of choice
  6. Attempt to open the URL provided
  7. Seek help from qualified networking professionals to troubleshoot any other issues


Hey Mark,
I’m able to receive msg from the url when i try to do that from the server’s browser. So I’m still confused that what’s wrong. I’m using the deliver document by (Action) to deliver the doc through TN.

OK…Please also try testing using pub.client:http service and you should see 200 OK.If not its related to network error/remote host may not be accepting with your connection authentication etc…


Hey RMG,
I try to send it through pub.client:http service but it gives the same error.
When I’m using TN to send the doc I first use the service xmlstringtoxmlnode and then routexml service to send the file to tn. I think the procedure is right.

Issue should not be with routeXML and TN receives it right…What error code is returning when you run thru http service?Each error code will have reason and that you can try search in google.