Problem return a part of the SOAP response

I am making a SOAP consumer, and the WSDL contains an “ANY” element.

<s:element maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" name="ITEM" nillable="true">
                <s:element ref="s:schema"/>

How can I map this “ANY” element with a “Document Ref”.

We do not yet have full support for WS with *any document types. What you can do is Instead of just passing required document to *any, Form the complete canonical document structure with *any and then map the document to it’s parent Document. I do not see the complete WSDL Document structure in your request but I guess you will have *any in tns:GetTirlItembByNiin/*any. If that’s the case, form the Canonical Document tns:GetTirlItembByNiin with the fields niin, token, DocumentForAny and then map tns:GetTirlItembByNiin to WS Connector’s tns:GetTirItemByNiin.

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