Object References

I’m trying to reference native xml objects within Tamino’s Schema Editor. I’ve read the documentation and see that I need to have the Map-Type set to Object, Object-Ref set, and a Query set. It appears that the documentation is older than the schema editor. When setting Map-Type in the schema editor to ‘Native ObjectRef’ Tamino shows some attributes. Some of these are familiar, others are straight forward, but there are some that I don’t understand and I can’t find documentation anywhere. Can someone provide help with these attributes and possible provide an example of how I could use this? Can/Should Native ObjectRef’s be used to replace/mimic external namespace support?

Thanks for your help. Mike

1- Set “Storage Type” of doctype as "Map Doctype"
2- for a “simple element” of “element complex”

Set storage type as “Native objectRef”

Set collectionRef as “your forward link Collaction name”
Set nodeRef as “your reference node xpath” (like /Customer/Id )

Set nodeRef operator as “=”

then define sheme .
You could not update nodeRef operater if you change it later you should first undefine sheme.

Now you can run query but if you don’t access map field implicit query won’t run. So for your try you should access mapping field( like customer/map_field/ )



Can anybody post a working example (tsd-file) for doctype-connection?

i want to combine two or more doctypes (maybe customer and products) in a extra doctype where i only input the custNR and the prodNR.
if i query i want one document containing all information…

i read the docu and i

sorry, i found the problem myself

Hi Gerald,

May I know how you manage to do it?

I need this too.

Hwee Choo

Hi Gerald
I need this too
can you please send us working example of the objref .
in the documentation they talk about dummy element i must add to the instance but when i add this i can not validate the xml any more.