asign NonXML-Data


i have defined a schema (with a doctyp “documente” ) to store nonXML data in my DB. It works fine .

My Question:

How can I asign documents(NonXML-Data) to a “Worker” (I defined a schema for a worker as well).

I defined in the Worker schema a elemtent for the Name of the d ocument(Typ String) and I tried to use a Native

ObjectRef with a

NodeRef: /documente[@ino:docname]

to build a Connection between the worker and the non-xml-document.

But when I try to upload the schema in the db, i resieve some errors.

What can I do or is there a simpler way to asign documents to a worker?

Hope someone can help me

bye Hendrik

Hi Hendrik,

You cannot really use ObjectRef with xml/nonxml as this is designed for dereferencing xml documents. To include nonxml into an xml document is not a good idea since it is likely that a nonxml document would invalidate the document unless the nonxml was in a format that was xml “friendly” such as base64. The only way to access nonxml data is to retrieve the document using its URL.

So what you need to have is an attribute or something in the worker document that allows your application to be able to retrieve nonxml documents that are relevent to the worker document. This type of processing would have to be coded; it is not something that Tamino could handle.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.