Problem : Natural for Windows -> Entire Access -> Oracle 11g

Hi all,

I am testing Natural for Windows (community version) + Entire Access + Oracle 11g and encountered the following problems:

Some details:

  1. 2 Oracle 11g - 1 local Orcale in Windows, 1 remote Oracle in Linux
  2. DBMS Assignment has been set. DDMs have been generated direct from the Oracle DBs
  3. Connection to local Oracle with Entire Access directly
  4. Connection to remote Oracle with Entire Access through ODBC (defined in Windows)
  5. NLS setting were checked and are the same for both DB
  6. Connection to both Oracle seems ok. DDM can be generated and data can be retrieved (with Data Browser and Natural batch program) .

7. Error encountered for a table with field name DESC in accessing both local and remote Oracle (error message : 0750 NAT3520 ORACLE error -936 occurred.)
8. Error encountered for a table with timestamp field for remote Oracle only
9. Both local and remote Oracle can be accessed by Natural program in batch mode, but the Natural batch program crash (Windows message popped up asking report to Microsoft or not) after accessing data in the remote Oracle via ODBC (SELECT from remote Oracle has been completed, seems crash at the end or after the execution of the program)

I suspected the first problem was caused by reserved words of Oracle (field name DESC). However, change of database schema and application programs are not perferred. If Data Brower function in the Natural Environment is used to retrieve the data with DESC field, Error message ‘Error 3570 in generated routine; line 670’ popped up (no problem if the DESC field is excluded). Reserved words are not allowed ? or Entire Access can handle this problem ?

I have no idea for second and third problem (point 8,9).

Grateful if anyone could share some experience.


I don’t have experience with the platform and configuration, but an ORA-936 error indicates a missing expression.

You may be able to debug your condition by reviewing the information on Oracle’s site or at this link: Oracle Error Information: ORA-00936:missing expression

You may have product bugs exacerbating this problem on your Windows box if you have program crashes that are beyond program syntax or Oracle DBMS.

Best of luck!