Problem mapping abstract types

Hello everybody!

I am deploying a service that connects to a BackEnd. This Backend contains Abstract Types ( xsd:complexType abstract=“true”) and when I import this WSDL, in this types I can see: *docType.
I dont know how to map this abstract structures.
Does anyone know how to handle whis this abstract Types?

Im using webMethods 8.2 SP2.

Thanks and regards.

Are you not seeing any fields under that *docType is it what the issue?

What doyou expect under that tree and also can you run the nodetodocument with the XML against that doctype and see what is showing in the pipeline?

Normally it’s the same as *body object type for the complex structure based on the schema definition.


Hi Diego,
I think case 1 in my topic will help you, Dataset also doesn’t show docType in wsdl [url][/url]
If you find out better way, please share it.

Hello everybody,

I have not been able to test yet because I’m having problems connecting to the backend because of certificates and signature issues :frowning: :

Once I have fixed my connectivity issues, I will try to implement your ideas.

Thanks and Regards,

Sure Diego…Please try it and keep the forum posted!

Hi all,

I solved this issue by adding this lines in abstract type WSDL/XSD:

  <xsd:complexType abstract="true" name="AbstractTypeExample">
    <xsd:attribute name="xsitype" type="xsd:string"/>
    <xsd:attribute name="xmlnstns" type="xsd:string"/>

Then I imported WSDL in designer and modified Derived types which I want to use by changing: xsitype to xsi:type and xmlnstns to xmlns:tns.

Finally I populated this attribute values with desired values in pipeline, example:

             <tns:exampletype xmlns:xsi="" 

Thanks all!