Problem installing schemas

I’m trying to install DESADV schema but I obtain the following error:

Success: false
URL: C:\Documents and Settings\resinf\Escritorio\BC\DESADV.schema
Message: Schema definition is INVALID
Error: 0
pathName: /schema/annotation/documentation/
errorCode: NV-009
errorMessage: [B2BCORE.0082.9015] Ambiguous content model in schema - not LL(1)

I have installed DELFOR schema, but after this I can not load any schema (I tried DELJIT, ORDERS or even DELFOR itself)

Can somebody help me?

I got a similar problem using SAP BC Developer 4.7 but
I can install schemas using SAP BC Developer 4.6.
So, try with another Developer’s version .

Barcelona, Spain

I work with SAP BC Developer 4.6.

Any other idea?

Ricard Garcia

You can solve this problem upgrading the schema provided by SAP from 1999 to 2001 specification.

Ricard Garcia

Hello Ricard

Where did you obtain the 2001 specification of the EDI schemas ? SAP only seem to have the 1999 available as a download off of SAP marketplace.



Did you ever get the schema loaded?
I am having the same problem.


You have to convert the schema to 2001 specification, eg. with XML-Spy.