Problem in using Pipeline matching option

Has anyone ever used pipeline matching option for recognizing TN XML doc type ?.

I am trying to use this but it doesn’t seem to work eventhough i clearly see the variable (that I declared in the document type) in the pipeline before calling the TN recognize service.

Any help would be appreciated. We are using version 6.5.


What is your process flow for pipeline matching?? Did you see any error in the logs??


The variable needs to be defined within the TN_parms document, not just in the pipeline.

Thanks Rob. That helped. As usual …webMethods documentation :-(. heh.

I was thinking that TN_parms is used only for flat files.

Now I have another problem. I have two XML doc types which are basically same(Identification Query & Root Tag) and i want to differentiate them only based on the pipeline matching. I wanted to define a pipeline matching variable in one doc and Noting in the other. It doesn’t seem to work. It works when I define the pipeline matching in both the docs with different values.

This doesn’t work…
Doc #1 - Pipeline Matching : loggedUser/user1
Doc #1 - Pipeline Matching :

The below works…
Doc #1 - Pipeline Matching : loggedUser/user1
Doc #1 - Pipeline Matching : loggedUser/user2

Can’t we implement the first approach ?. Do we have to define pipeline matching as mutually exclusive(across docs) like the identification query ?

Appreciate your help.


I can’t recall for sure. I used pipeline matching and I think I was able to successfully use an empty var to match, but I’m not sure. But even so, I believe we moved away from using an empty var and used explicit values so as to not introduce potential future issues. e.g. Someone changes the gateway service for a new doc type but forgets to set the var, so now TN thinks its a foo document when it is really something else. If you use explicit values, the new doc will error out instead of getting handled by the wrong rule.

I am not able to have an empty var to match as it gives ambiguous recognition error. We in fact need to have 2 docs only. One to be used for a specific integration and the other for all other integrations.

The problem started when we created a first document where we defaulted the receiver and due to this we were not able to use this doc type for other integrations. So we came up with a second doc which we intend to us in all other integration. But due to this pipeline matching issue we are stuck.

I assume you’re setting the var under TN_parms in your gateway service, correct? If you’re able to tell within the service which is which, just set the appropriate TN_parms/field value to anything. Or even use a different var name.