Problem in process model import

Hi All,

I am trying to import a process model that was lost/deleted somehow from modeler, we have a backup (.model) and am trying install using modeler import. Probably I can install successfully (as I haven�t received any exception during import) but I can�t find this process model in the modeler. Though this process is executing and we can see change in numbers of started/completed/failed processes in wM monitor. But we need this process model to be viewed/edited from modeler. Anybody can provide any idea to view this process model in wM modeler.
IS version-6.1

Any help will be appreciated!!



which Fixes for Modeler 6.1 are installed?

Maybe you can check if this works w� Modeler 6.1.5.

I have something like this at one of my colleagues, but I don�t know what was the root cause for it to happen.