Problem in MyWebmethods System Information

Hi All,

I have install the manager server 6.5 and my Webmethods.

In my webmethods admin page. I have configure the intergration and controller host and port in webmethods configration/system configration and system setting.

I am able to view in system information tab about the controller and satellite. but for mywebmethods server status is comming Unavaible.

I also have configure the OMI Agent.I have unzip the default.jar and put the agent folder into D:\ManagerServer_65\optimize\controller\conf\local.

when i see the satellite detail information in system setting for Connectivity Log and Data Collection Agents NO DATA is showing.

can u pls let me know even i have fellow the steps as mention in pdf and putten the
OMIAgent and from default.jar then why its showing No DAtA
in mywebmethods Admin page.

thx in advance


I am using manager server 6.5 and mywebmethods 6.5. I have to create rules. How i can create rules pls let me know. I have tryied to configure the OMI Agent as per given in pdf. but in satellite details of webmetods configration/system configration/system information tab of Mywebmethods It Shows NO DATA in connectivity log and data collection agents.

for creating rules wheather we have to required the OMI Agent ?.

wheather we required the webservice agent ?.

for webservice agent they required
but in that properties file url is given http://localhost:8080/glue/action.wsdl. what i have to mention her i am confuse. and also in list parameter contain rulename,rule defination,rule evalution and attribute what i have to mention . can this webservice agent is related to webservice link which is there in manager server admin page.

thx in advance

Friend, as I have suggested before, you should ask your employer to either a) send you to training, b) purchase some online training or c) obtain assistance from someone who is knowledgeable about these products.

Repeatedly posting questions on wMUsers is not a substitute for any of the above.