Problem in loop having BizdocEnvelope as Input

I am facing a serious problem while developing a flow service. Basically, I need to process a bizdoc based on its attributes. So, when I use loop over bizdocs, the loop iterates correctly but the problem is that bizdoc index remains unchanged when I passed bizdoc as pipeline input. As a result, it result in processing of same bizdoc in different iterations. I specify follwing things:

Input Array - /bizdocs

Output Array - (empty)

loop (over bizdocs)

  • Executing Service (having BizdocEnvelope as pipeline input)

Please help me as I am stuck in it for over 2 days. Please provide what I am doing wrong and if possible, impart some knowledge while treating bizdocs in loop.


Without actually seeing your code, it’s hard to say what is being done wrong. However, based solely on what you said, it could be that you’re mapping the wrong variable to your service. You said you “passed bizdoc as pipeline input,” however, based on your pseudo code, your variable is actually named bizdocs. Make sure you’re mapping the right variable.

Question: how/why are you generating a list of bizdocs? I have only worked with single bizdocs in my implementations, so I am curious as to what your actual requirements are.

  • Percio

Hi Percio,
The problem does not lie in naming since I copy from input pipeline and paste in input array. I need it because I have made a clone service which produces 2 to n no. of bizdocs aimed at different trading partners. So, I need to process them case by case basis. Can you just try to predict the reason. At least, guide me what to write in Output Array since I do not know what to write there.


I’d have to look at your code to try to tell you what is wrong. Could you isolate the services in question in a separate package, export the package, and then upload it as an attachment?

  • Percio

It could not be possible. Can you just prepare a flow service using above case and show screenshots to me.

Please help me. Can someone respond to my query?


In your clone service, are you using appendToDocumentList to create the bizdoc list? If you are, make sure you drop the “fromItem” or “fromList” variable on pipeline out. I’m assuming you are doing this in a loop and the result of not dropping the variables I mentioned is that it’ll create a list of identical data.