Need help in EDI

Hi everybody,

         I am going through with the strange situation.  

       My requirment is to get the EDI from the ftp folder and place in the local folder from local folder i have to pick files in list format and process one by one. 

       while processing files in the string list format, I observed one thing. if the first file get faild in the convertovalues service. then its giving error for the second file at envelpoProcess service.  

     if i run the same service only for the second file then its not giving errors. 

     Can anybody help me in this. Thanks in advance.


clear the pipeline before you process the second file.



Thanks for the response. I am still wondering where to put that clearpipeline. 

because once i do the convertovalues then i will send that EDI to TN.  

please help.

Thanks in advance.


I think you must be invoking routeXml to submit the EDI to TN.After convertToValues,check for any errors in the errors Array.use a Branch to check for the errors.if errors is null then submit the EDI to TN.after this Branch step, invoke clearPipeline.

Loop over list
–BRANCH(Evaluate labels to true)
----(%errors% = null)routeXml
----(%errors% <> null)log or do whatever

hope this helps.


I tried but still same result. 

my service like ,

           map to XML 

please help me to resolve this.


try to drop all the variables in the pipelineout of routeXml.check for the correct file in the pipeline when processing the second file.


Hi ,

 even i tried with that, but no result.

for each (envelopeProcess, convertToValues, routeXML) setup a tempDocument and fill it with the neccesary inputs. for each service, scope to this document, and afterwards only pull the outputs you need from it to the pipeline. Delete the tempDocument immediately. Also, try to “not” do the two FA stuff (disable steps) just yet. It would be good to know that you can do just the routeXML fully without the FA.

If you are getting through each document, then see if the FA steps can be place after the convertToValues. Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu