Problem in clearing the tspace

I am posting 20 MB data (5MB in each iteration) using Large document handling to TN. For each chunk, one processing rule selected and convert the data to Flat file. It has been observed that till the last chunk of data gets transferred to Flat file data (i.e., complete execution of the processing rule service), the tspace is not getting cleared.

I thought that once the last chunk has been posted then immediately tspace gets cleared. Is this not the way it is going to happen?

Is there any way to make the tspace gets clear once after posting the data to TN?

Version: webMethods 7.1.2 on UNIX

No the tspace will hold the data chunk/chunk from the disk and it saves the data file for you and it should clear from the memory in the next run:


To get more clarity, we will divide the entire process into two parts,

  1. Send the data to TN using large document handling (here we need tspace info)
  2. Process the data using the service mentioned in the processing rule
    (Here we don’t need tspace info)

In an asynchronous process, the first part gets complete and the second part will be in progress.

I feel, once the first part is done, then no matter whatever the stage of the second part, the tspace should get cleared. But that is not happening here. The system is waiting till end of all Processing rule service threads , and then clear the tspace.

Could you please clarify till what time TN holds the tspace data file?