problem calling wm.EDIINT:receive


I’m having trouble sending an EDIFACT INVOIC from a TN partner to another. This is the way I’m doing it:

1 - At IS1 I have a service where I build the EDI message and call the wm.EDIINT:send service. I’m using the content type application/EDIFACT. The TN receiver’s profile is defined so that the d elivery location is host:port/invoke/wm.EDIINT/receive.
2 - I can see in IS1 TN log the message d elivery correctly done.
3 - then I go to IS2 TN log, and try to find the message reception but I can’t find it, the message didn’t reach TN.

After some investigation I’ve found out that the wm.EDIINT/receive service is not being correctly called. All the input fields are missing!

It seems some kind of problem with the content handler.

I’m I doing the integration correctly? Should the profile be configured so that the d elivery location is /wm.EDIINT/receive, or should I use

by the way, is there any cheat sheet/tutorial to make a simple AS2 integration?


what is IS /TN and EDI versions you are using? What you are seeing in the transaction analysis on IS1/TN1 after sending the document to IS2.Did you see any error?
You can find WmEDIINTSamples packageon advantage site.


We get the same issue like this, we want to transfer the flat file via AS2 by EDIINT,Now we send a test flatfile message used by the wm.EDIINT:send in Server A,but we can’t receive any message by Server B.
we have config these TN partners in these two message and our server version is the same : wemethods 9

Hi, BJCO. wm.EDIINT/receive is the service to invoke and content application/EDIFACT should be okay. Some things to check:
What is your transmission protocol, HTTP or HTTPS?
Are you encrypting and/or signing the message and, if so, to the settings and certs in your partner profiles agree between your IS1 and IS2 servers?
Is the delivery task status ‘DONE’ on the sending server?
Do you see any pertinent messages in the IS error or server log on either system?
Are you perhaps getting Unknown document in the receiving server?
Can you check IS2 server service usage to confirm that wm.EDIINT:receive is being invoked when you send the message from IS1?

Yes the above mentioned points are definite things to troubleshoot/verify when you are not able to receive AS2 requests via EDIINT to the target and also make sure the 2 IS’s are configured correctly to send/receive the messages (if it is internal testing or some sort of you can try eliminate the sign/encrypt/decrypt portion).

Please let us know the outcome of your more verification.