Problem authenticating with DB-AUTH adapter

Hi all,

I am having problems with X-Broker ,when trying to authenticate users against a relational database.

Platformà Windows XP

Product à X-Broker 7.1

Others à Oracle 9

My steps where:

        In Oracle (v9.2) à Create a new table with two columns (USERNAME and PASSWORD), populating it with a few entries.

        In CentraSite GE 7.1
  1.   Create a Consumer Application (with http users, corresponding to the table entries) 
  2.   Configure a target (xbroker) for my CentraSite GE
  3.   Create a runtime policy with two actions:

a. Consumer Identification

b. Advanced Routing

  1.   Create a contract for my runtime policy, certifying the contract

In X-Broker

  1.   Copy the oracle drivers to the “extensions