Postings are not displaying properly

Recently postings are NOT displaying properly:

  • long lines are truncated
  • buttons (on right-hand side of screen) are not fully rendered
    Q) What has changed ??
    Example: see my recent postings in the C/E Forum.

Hello Peter,

Thanks very much for contacting us - the posts appear OK with us. Could you please send us a screenshot of what is visible on your end as well as information on the browser you use. This information will help us reproduce the problem and address it.

Till then, could you please try clearing your browser cache, restarting the browser and accessing the post anew.

Thanks very much for your time and patience in resolving this.

Best regards,

  1. Problem occurs for the C/E forums only.
  2. Screen Print is attached
  3. We are using MSIE v6 SP2 (upgrade to v8 is scheduled for next month)
  4. My screen resolution is 1200 x 1600
    NB. I orient my screen in Portrait Mode (ie. rotated thru 90 degrees).
    This has always worked.
    However I turned my screen back to Landscape Mode (“just in case”) but the problem persists :frowning:
    BTW. I just had an email from Karlheinz Kronauer saying that the C/E Forums are preparing for migration to “Brainstorm” platform. So this "could cause problems temporarily.
    CE Posting not displaying properly - screen (263 KB)