Posting XML File to Flow Service

Hi thankyou, so much for the instant replies.
I dont have an XML input file right now and iam waiting for that to test.
I have one simple question.Iam new to this field and i really dont know much about this field.Iam learning right now.

How do i give an XML file as an input to a flow service ? where do i give it ?
Plz let me know.

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Basically if you are receiving xml file via http set the service input as node (object),your flow will be to parse the xml file and map to your target document or depends on your flow process.Here is the step
XMLNodeToDocument (Parses the xml document to a IDATA structure)

For testing process of the xml file you have to follow these steps for parsing and mapping.
xmlStringToXMLNode(set xmldata with your xml file)