Posting data that include special characters to TN failing

Hi All,

I have an xml file which is having the data that includes special character(ASCII 246). When i am sending this file to TN using HTTP post it works fine without any problem. But when i am FTPing it to TN receive through file polling, it fails saying its unknown document. if some one come across this issue, could you please let me know what to do.

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for the reference, the special character ASCII 246 is ö .


You might be using encoding as UTF. so change it to ISO-8859-1.
xml version=“1.0” encoding=“ISO-8859-1”

it should work.



A better way of checking things like this, is that if you IE won’t open the XML file without error, then IS will not be able to either. The two issues often affecting whether IS will actually be able to process the XML or not is well-formedness and encoding.

Of course, this is assuming we don’t have DTD issues (which IE insists on finding before displaying the file)…