Posting a CSV file to IS using HTTP


I am posting a .csv file using a HTML Client to the wM Flow Service.

In the flow service I am using the buit in service “pub.flow:getTransportInfo” for retrieving the file content.

I am successfully able to post the file from the HTML Client but in output doc(pub.flow:transportInfo) of “pub.flow:getTransportInfo” service in the http document section I am getting all the info accept the file content and also I don’t find any field which should content the file data.

Can any body suggest how to extract the fileconent using the service “pub.flow:getTransportInfo” for http.

Or Is there any other way to retrieve the file ?


The built-in service pub.flow:getTransportInfo is used to get meta-data about the protocol used to send the content, but not the content itself.

Read through the material on the flat file adapter and have a look at the related samples.