Using FTP to submit a none XML file to B2Bi server


Thats correct. When a flat file is ftped to the service folder , the input of the service is available as contentStream.
Now you can use to convert it as bytes.


Thanks Ravi for teh quick response. My service now has access to the file and I completed my project. Why was I not able to find this feature in any of the manuals that came with the product.

Also I looked in the built in services manual for and could not locate it either. Please advise if there is an advance manual somewhere that i can purchase.

Hello All,

I am not able to create contentStream in my input so as to receive ftp input in teh flow and convert it into bytes. I tried using Object variable and tried to use it as contentStream but of no help.

Will appreciate any help in this regard.

Add a call to pub.flow:tracePipeline as the first line of the service that is being invoked. You can then look at the Server console to see exactly what is in the pipeline.

If you are using Integration Server 6.x, you will be able to see the exact Java class of each object in the pipeline as well as the name & value.