Unabe to get content in the getTransportInfo service

Hi forum i am using the getTransportInfo serivice to get some data form the email port i have configured with the following settings:

Message ProcessingGlobal Service (optional)writeEdit(‘view’, ‘gservice’, ‘’);unspecified Default Service (optional)writeEdit(‘view’, ‘dservice’, ‘VMI.Samriddh.services:mailhandler’);Sam.Sam.services:mailhandler Send reply email with service outputYes Send reply email on errorYes Delete valid messages (IMAP only)No Delete invalid messages (IMAP only)No Multithreaded processing (IMAP only)No Number of threads if multithreading turned on0 Invoke service for each part of multipart messageYes Include email headers when passing message to content handlerNo Email body contains URL encoded input parametersNo

and the mail i am sending has the the following as it contents:

attachment : text1.txt (content says “Hello welcome”)
body : says “Hi”

when i send this mail to the particular port i get the return message as

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> earth email text1.txt TEXT/PLAIN; name=text1.txt FW: HI Thu Feb 22 12:17:23 IST 2007 Thu Feb 22 12:17:23 IST 2007 "nightfox" wmtest "nightfox"

In this i am not getting the transport -> email -> content part anywhere…!

Can someone please as to how to get he attachment and the body contents saved to a local path in the system…!



What is your service input set to?? make sure it is contentStream(object) casesensitive and your flow steps will be

bytesToString(email body content) check in the pipeline…