Post EDI 855 to Trading Network giving problem

Can any one help me to resolve above problem. I am trying to post EDI 855 to Trading Network from SAP. In TN the document is splitting into Envelope,Group and X124010856. But I dont see any content inside these documents. Processing status says “Aborted”.

Hi Vinay,
Where it said “Aborted”, what activity log says?

It is in processing status. Now I am getting the content also, but now I am getting DONE/errors , in activity log it is telling
Query [/ST/BAK/BAK03] produced no BizDoc Instance Id [EDIFTN.000010.000104]

Can anyone help me to solve this problem.

I am facing the same problem but I am trying to receive X12 4030 850/864. The processing status for X12 Group and 850/864 in document stays “ABORTED” and do not see any content or activity log.
Any help on this will be appreciated.

Aborted means that TN killed the doc because the signed on user doesn’t match the sender (ISA06) of the doc. The user name of the signed on user must match the required external ID of the profile. The default required external ID is DUNS but can be changed.


We are getting 850/864 with self-signed digital certificate. ISA06 matches our DUNS and User Defined 1 fields. We are able to see the content and activity log after installing IS SP2, TN SP1 patches but still Group, 850/864 are with ABORTED processingStatus. It is using Default user.


What username is used to login when the doc is submitted? What is the required external ID setting (check Tools | Server Setup in TN Console)?

Does the username used to login match the required external ID setting for the profile indicated by ISA06? For example, if you have:

Profile A
External ID: DUNS, 1234567
External ID: Mutually Defined, A_Identifier

And Mutually Defined is the required external ID, then the logged in user must be A_Identifier when a doc with an ISA06 value of 1234567 is submitted.

Perhaps you already have verified this though. In that case, I would look at the certificate setup. I haven’t used certificates so I’m not sure I’ll be much help.

Can TN handle signed EDI docs? The TN Building Your Network guide states that the attributes SignedBody and Signature must be extracted from the doc. I don’t know if the EDI doc types do this or not. The EDI Core and EDI: TN Module docs don’t mention signed docs at all. A search of the forums here and on Advantage turned up nothing. Anyone else have info about signed EDI doc handling in TN?

WMEDIForTN Fix7 is the answer to Abroted processing status for EDI documents. As per wM support it has to do with user session within TN, not that I understand a lot about it. However the fix worked for us.
Thanks for everyones help.

The problem with default user can be fixed in IS configuration by suppressing the “Checking user status” or similar to that. WMEDIForTN Fix7 is clean but if you do not want that fix, above solution will help because one of our Affiliate companies uses that.

we are using EDIINT package to support our interfaces with our customer (AS2). TN supports self-signed certificates as well as certificate with authenticators.


I am also having this issue even after installing Fix 7 for EDIforTN. Our setup is as follows:

WM server 1 inside firewall, this interacts with SAP
WM server 2 in DMZ, this interacts with EDI partners
no direct access allowed due to security policy

for outbound txns from SAP, WM server 1 takes IDOC maps to EDI structure, then sends to WM server 2 using HTTP to service. WM server 2 is a TN install that will recognize the EDI document and invoke a service that sends the EDIINT message to the vendor. When sending thru HTTP we do specify a user and password that should match the ISA06 segment.

For some reason, the Default user is always used to process this document which causes the X12 envelope to fail, therefore returning an 403 access denied error to WM server 1. The problem here is that to WM server 1, processing wasnt complete due to 403 error and it then reports that error back to SAP… HOWEVER, the EDI document itself is processed successfully and sent to the partner… This has caused duplication issues because we thought the document wasnt processed and we resent from SAP…

As I said before, Fix 7 is installed already and we are using an ID that matches the iSA06 segment… I’m lost at this point and this is very annoying… Any ideas???

are you getting an errors in server.log or errors.log on wM server 2 ?
We had a similar problem which was fixed by installing EDIforTN Fix 7 on v4.6.
The errors we had were either :

  1. exceptions when using HTTPS with client auth.,
  2. If HTTP is used then the error is “the user that posted this document (default) could not be associated with a partner to check their identity”.

Check with wM support that your Fix 7 was installed correctly (check the version of %webmethods%/IntegrationServer4/lib/jars/editn.jar)

Kevin, we do have Fix7 installed and it shows up on the patch screen for the WmEDIforTN package. This is extremely weird and I have a ticket open with WM now to investigate. The even stranger thing is that when I step thru the flow, it works fine… You send an IDOC outta SAP and it keeps giving this error.

No errors appear in the serverlog…

I’m wondering why the X12 envelope keeps failing but the other pieces are just fine. I’m at a loss at this point. We do have a workaround and we basically ignore those errors but its not comforting…