Portal Install

Hi, I have just installed WM 6.5.2 in a Fedora 5 Virtual Machine (host os is winxp). I have a copy of oracle 10g XE installed in the same VM which is the RDBMS for the wm server. My problem is that I can goto http://:8080 and I get the portal login screen from the machine the portal is installed on. When I try from any other machine I get the following error
The page cannot be displayed

      [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web   site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust   your browser settings.[/font][/color]

I can navigate to http://:8080 which is the port the oracle server is listening on and loads fine. There is an oracle setting which allows remote administration. I’m wondering there is a similar setting in WM or if anyone can possibly point me in the right direction.


The MwS is a bit strange. The url and ip address it uses must match. It will not change dynamically from one to another. In other words if the url is set to localhost:8080 in the URL configuration section of MwS, it will not respond to skippy:8080. Change that to the real address and it should work okay, but it won’t respond to localhost anymore.

Thanks very much. I will try that now.

Excellent. My problem was when I pinged my hostname on the vm it resolved to due to my /etc/hosts file. I took my hostname out of the hosts file so now when I ping it does a DNS lookup and uses my correct IP address. Everything is now working. Thanks for the help!