[POP.016.0056] Invalid session token detected.

Hi All,

We seeing “[POP.016.0056] Invalid session token detected. Please reload the page.: The target command requires a valid session token. The supplied token was invalid.” jsf:info in our production MWS logs. Please provide if any information is available on this.

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What version and fix level is this environment?

Do you have the latest fixes installed?

Hi Norman,

Version is 9.6 and the installed fix is MWS_9.6_Fix7.


That fixlevel is very old.

The latest fix for 9.6 is MWS_9.6_Fix15

If the problem still happens after applying the latest fix, then I would suggest raising a support request with your findings for a formal review.

Thanks for your reply Norman.

I will do install the latest fix and will check.

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