POCs over webMethods

Hi all,

I’m a fresher to the webMethods.
I want to do some POCs kind of stuff over webMethods.
Can anybody suggest me how to start and do it?
Where can I get complete details regarding this?
I know some fundamentals of wm.

Thanks in advance.

Awaiting your reply…


What is a POC? I would like to help if you can shed more light on this and a more concrete example of what you want to build. Good day.

Yemi Bedu



btw POC means Proof of Concept (sometimes called Proof of Value (POV))

Oh yeah, well I did read ezine and so I can then suggest that you at the WmSamples as pre-made items that you can look at locally. But as I remember in the ezine, it is wise to have a focus on your end of what you want to proof. These are only making sure the technical merits exist in some locations.

So for my opinion, I would maybe suggest you try a JSP example. If you have TN, you can call a service to bring back a list of the Partners and then format it in a select list. This would service well for a self-contained custom solution.

One other thing maybe you, if you use .net, could make a .net front end to an anonymous access back-end WM service. I think some managers like the .net front, so you may sell a particular case better.

I have personally done both for our internal setups. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Thanks for you all.

Now my problem is:

I was told to execute POC(proof of concept) on Interfaces.
What should I do in order to have this kind of experience?
What can I do POC’s on interfaces?
We’r expecting projects pretty soon over this kind of stuff.

Your ideas are always welcomed.

Thanks in advance,


What kind of interfaces you are expecting projects on and POC’s?

Interfaces leads to may things for example: WM-ERP interfaces(internal or external) or WM-Partner interfaces(XML or EDI or FlatFiles etc…)

For this first you have to research on various components that exists now in webMethods (IS/Broker/TN/Adapters/eStandards/Add-ons etc…).Please go thru the WM provided samples packages comes with the installation of adapter,modules.

Hope someone will answer you in details of WM world POC’s…


So I will guess that interfaces is used in loose terms to just mean connecting one component to another, like oracle to a web-page. Well after you have read the ISDeveloperGuide (needed to do anything worth while), I would suggest looking at the ISBuildingIntegrations, WmJDBCAdapterUserGuide or WmDBUsersGuide, and wMTN_LargeDocHandling.

These tend to allow a fair amount of understanding to build respectable POC setups. I would, following RMG’s suggestion, advise that you go through the introductions to all components you have access to (administration, modeler, broker, monitor, TN, …). These help to shed light on some available uses of their API and what you won’t have to reinvent. Good day.

Yemi Bedu